I was born in Salzburg Austria, raised in the United States and Europe;
and studied medicine and fine arts.

I live in New York City and maintain a studio in Long Island City, Queens.
I am a sculptor working primarily in stone, clay and wood.

My art is about connections.

As a working psychiatrist and artist, I have long been fascinated by connections. The connection between thoughts, and behaviors, fantasy and reality, and between human beings. I have found a way to express
this through my art.

In my work, I connect physically through my senses and spiritually with the sculpture.  Within the sculpture itself there are a multitude of connections. As the work evolves it begins to interact with the environment and space
around it.

While working in stone I am connecting to a medium that represents the permanent end state of living material over a period of millions of years. Through the process of sculpture I attempt to bring out some of the internal life of an amorphous stone.

Aspired is that experience, when the physical aspects of the sculpture lead the viewer to connect to his inner self with thoughts and sensations similar to the artists. At that point a connection is established between two human beings who share a collective human experience. Thoughts gain momentum and take new directions.
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